Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On The Shelf


MAC Studio FIX Powder Plus Foundation

Purchase Price $27 + tax

Retailer MAC Store (local mall)

Check out www.maccosmetics.com for this and other product info

Product Review:

MAC has become a MUST for all makeup lovers, artists, and those who set a brand establishment as a high priority. Venturing to my local MAC store and hunting for my shade feels like stalking a gazelle, you see what appears to be it then turn it over and the “wah wah” trumpets play. The times I do find it I feel as though I need to throw my arms up in the victory pose, but then everyone would stare at me wondering, "Why is she standing in the victory pose?" I don’t blame anyone at the specific store only because on the retail side of it would you rather see an empty shelf or a full one?  Unfortunately more times than not I end up going home without this fantastic powder in hand. But no worries…INTERNET TO THE RESCUE! Since MAC does have their entire lineup up for sale online worrying about availability is never a concern (unless it is a limited run).

Currently I am using the N3 shade which was color matched closest to me and still is a tad dark but is a worthy buy. Even with this said, it is my go to pressed powder since it works as a foundation.  And that’s what keeps me buying this time and time again, IT WORKS. The full coverage flawless porcelain look I end up with, using a Royal & Langnickle foundation brush, is completely smooth and wears well all day when applied over a good primer.

Using this powder most of the year is not an issue. During the summer I apply this last over a primer and liquid foundation. There have been few if any drawbacks to this product. And it is with my skin and not the powder directly. But when I wear it solo like most makeup it will smear in humid and hot conditions, for me it was around my nose which by the end of the day made it feel extremely cake like. Regardless this is the one that goes in my bag and is on my shelf at all times.