Monday, January 27, 2014

On The Shelf



Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue and Pillow Soft Curls

Purchase Price $2 ea.


Check out for more product info.

Product Review:

Being of Mexican/Spanish heritage, but with the complexion of Casper the ghost, I’m always on the hunt for products that work for me.

As my paternal Grandfather had told me, “Whenever explaining your hair type say it’s more like Black-Cuban.” And it really is. I love my naturally curly hair but frizz is always an issue so when I find a product I love I want to share it with everyone. Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue is so far one of the best!

Seeing Miss Jessie’s on Instagram my interest was more than peaked and once on their website I found an abundance of products in various sizes and prices. Packaged in attractive bright and easy to read packets the $2 size has enough product in it for two solid uses. Now the Curly Meringue is made with four awesome oils; avocado, coconut, jojoba seed, and sweet almond these all clearly add to the shine factor. With a slightly thick consistency and minimal tackiness it washes off hands easily after application. Love, love, love, the smell of this light yellow dream creme which reminds me of a pineapple Livesaver candy that is not overwhelming but only adds that extra fun factor to this already great product. The medium hold of this crème styler allows for your curls to not only be frizz free but no worries about the crunchy factor that happens when using gels or some mousse products. Anyone with even the slightest curl will benefit from using this Miss Jessie’s product.

Now the Pillow Soft Curls certainly is true to its name, no stale ends or crunchy curls. This blue styling lotion contains safflower and avocado oils along with citric acid to help fortify your hair. It has a refreshing out of the dryer fabric softener smell. I found this to leave some residue on my hands so a thorough washing with warm water and soap got the job done. Although this did the job and left my curls “pillow soft” the fabric softener smell just isn’t for me. I may just be a little more sensitive to the smell but getting beyond that this product works and works well.

Monday, January 20, 2014

On The Shelf


Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer

Purchase Price $25 + tax

Retailer  Sold exclusively at Sephora

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Product Review:
Being the sample junkie I am is one of the main reasons I love shopping at Sephora. Since I am always on the lookout for a great concealer I finally sampled this rocking product last year, repeatedly, with great results.

Available in eight shades this heavy duty concealer is worth a try. Primarily I used this to cover the dark circles under my eyes I found no flaws with this multiple use product. It has been easy to blend and a little goes a long way so don’t be fooled by what may seem a small amount. The small tube is perfect for proper product dispensing. Having no oils or paraben makes it ideal for acne prone skin and since I have had no breakouts or irritation from using this I have to say those with sensitive skin may agree. Blending this over my large pores was not an issues as it did not cause clogging or enlargement. The wear-ability and longevity are fantastic for me lasting all day as advertised. On that note be sure to use a good makeup remover along with a reliable face wash. The only con I could find is it became the slightest shade darker after it oxidized but with a setting powder it’s no biggie.
I had tried other products with Kat’s name on them with less than stellar results but for me this concealer is a definite keeper.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

FYI : Brand updates, Launches, and Events….

As many makeup lovers and bloggers know the 2014 L.A. IMATS is sold out. If you were able snatch up one of these tickets you are in for a world of meet and greet treats! Everyone has their favorite brand or brands they line up for, but with the stellar list of YouTube, Instagram, and blogger guests some may have to hold back the purchasing to catch a glimpse of what’s going on around them.

Sugarpill Cosmetics Booth #407 will be there with a full crew of lovelies; CEO/Creator Shrinkle aka Amy Doan,  restinporcelain talented tattoo artist and forever gorgeous drag queen (Sat the 18th), Queenofblending with her out of the box MUA style (Sun the 19th), along with the rest of this tight knit group of colorful inspiration.

Now if you happen to have a two day pass Queenofblending and restinporcelain will also be at the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics booth. Keep your eyes peeled for founder of OCC David Klasfeld.

Lime Crime will be having a meet and greet with owner/creator Doe Deere, this gal is a personal inspiration keeping it colorful, creative, and classy so make sure to find her Sat and Sun between 2pm-3pm

Another inspirational MUA and Diabetes awareness advocate is Alexys Fleming aka Madeyewlook. She’ll be doing a demonstration and meet and greet Sat and Sun at Mehron Booth #100. Hope you’ll be able to see a great masterpiece being created!

Other notable YouTube, MUAs, and bloggers will include Nicole Guerruero at the Million Dollar Tan Booth # 632, Camila Coelho beauty blogger at Sigma Beauty Booth #600, and of course all Muggies know our Mother of makeup Marlena for her brand/empire that is Makeup Geek at booth #710.

Add some glitter to your day and stop by my personal fav Eye Kandy Cosmetics Booth #428 & 815.

Don’t forget Nigel Beauty Emporium at Booth #319 for show special, giveaways, prizes and live demos! These guys are the real deal when it comes to finding all those great products and brands.

Make sure to grab a map, your best friend, a new friend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend and create some memories!

Monday, January 13, 2014

On The Shelf

GlaMER Lips Organic Lip Scrub Egg Nog

Purchase Price $10 + S/H


Check out for more product info.

Product Review:

Winning! That’s what I’m doing with this great lip scrub. After receiving this, in an Instagram giveaway hosted by Makeupbymer, it has truly put a smile back on my mouth!

This 100% organic and handmade lip scrub is a definite treat for the lips. The safety seal on the completely filled glass jar under the screw on cap makes you feel reassured the product you receive is meant only for you. Since this was a great giveaway that happened in December I was fortunate enough to get an Egg Nog flavor. That’s right, I said flavor! It not only smelled wonderful but the taste was completely delicious and will remind me of Christmas all year long. Now don’t fret because there are flavors for everyone, bubblegum is one to please every true kid at heart and that is why I can’t wait to try it.

When scooping this out with the provided wooden spatula it has a nice airy and fluffy consistency which made me wonder how it was going to adhere to my lips to scrub. With a pea sized amount balled onto the spatula my first attempt was a complete fail as I watched in horror as the shimmery gold goodness fell into the sink. Now pouting in disbelief I balled up another pea sized scrub and pinched it between my butterfingers. On dry lips I massaged the scrub onto my lips for about two minutes, one minute for each lip, in small circular movements.  This was not messy and a great surprise, but whatever fall out happened did so into my mouth with much enjoyment. Rinsing with warm water and a couple guilty licks later, hey they said it was edible, my lips were noticeably smoother. The next day there were some spots of dead skin that by the end of that night had fallen completely off. The following night I decided to exfoliate one more time with this awesome scrub. Voila! With a touch of lip balm my lips felt brand new.

Mind you my lips get very rough and cracked here on the East coast.  This California born and bred girl was not made for such harsh winters so receiving the GlaMER Lip Scrub was simply serendipitous. My observations for this are;

1.       If you have never exfoliated or have not exfoliated in a while the first application will probably be similar to mine making it more of a prep.

2.       The second application a day and a half later finished my lips to make them first date kissable soft.

3.       This product is wonderful and a complete package in a neat little container.

I want to thank Mercedes for creating a great all natural product which will be a staple in my closet as long as it is available!



Monday, January 6, 2014

On The Shelf
For the final week of 2013 I wanted to recap my top five buys and mini reviews (unfortunately I forgot to schedule this to post on Dec 30th). If you haven’t read them or want to get more info just click the dated link to take you to the On The Shelf for that specific product. Of course I could have picked a dozen products but these were the ones that got some of the most attention not only by me but readers and visitors of the Cootie Beauty Closet.

1.     The Original Beauty Blender
(Nov 4th Review)

This is truly a beauty buy that all should commit to. By simply adding water it grows, pat it dry on a towel and dab it with your favorite product from concealer to foundation and away you go.  This soft proprietary blend of foam is non-irritating in a great pink tear drop shape which makes it perfect for applying concealer under the eyes. Another great product that was created by a makeup artist who knows what a great tool can do.


2.     NYX Wonder Pencil
(Jun 10th Review)

As the names states WONDER PENCIL is a concealer, eye brightener, and a “reverse lip liner”. As an eye brightener it truly is amazing. Just by lining the inner rim of my eyes it gave me a well rested and fresh look. As a concealer it blended and covered small blemishes very well and seals the deal as a great “reverse lip liner”. Simply put…absolutely love this pencil.


3.     OCC Lip Tar
(Nov 25th Review)

The attraction to OCC’s Black Dhalia is obvious with its deep dark rich burgundy color with hints of brown undertones. My lips never felt dry, tight or tacky and I believe the blend of essential oils (hemp and peppermint) played an important role in this. This is one of those great products a little goes a long way. Packaging is simple and durable as each Lip Tar individually sold comes in a clear vinyl travel case with a mini application brush making it perfect for any bag.


4.     Philosophy Clear Days Ahead
(Jun 17th Review)

Clear Days Ahead has a wonderful citrus smell that is refreshing and eye opening, without that overwhelming fake odor that some facial cleansers have when adding orange or lemon scents. I also noticed this product hasn’t left any makeup residue on my face where as other face washes less expensive and more expensive have. Just a simple “clear” skin cleaner.


5.     The Balm What’s Your Type? The Bodybuilder and Tall Dark & Handsome Mascara
(July 1st Review)

The Bodybuilder met all my needs; no smudge lines on my brow, no irritation after excessive wearing, and long lasting. It gives a great full volume lash appearance in a jet black shade. Get that lift and body you need in your lashes with this guy!  
Tall Dark & Handsome gives you long slender lashes that last almost all day. Having a provitamin of B5(panthenol), olive wax, and rice wax in it seems to be beneficial in being non-irritating to my eyes or causing any damage to my lashes.
These two mascaras make the perfect date night.

Thank you to the readers, followers, and even owner/operators of the companies I have had the pleasure to meet or have correspondence with. You have all made this year a great one for this little blog! I hope you are looking forward to more On The Shelf mini reviews, Breakthrough Brands, and much more! Check back every Monday to see what’s On The Shelf and follow me Susie_Cootie on IG and email any requests or questions to