Monday, September 22, 2014

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beautyblender micro-mini
Purchase Price $17.95 + tax
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Product Review:

Congrats, it’s twins!
beautyblender has done it again, these mini bundles of joy will truly change your life. Made of the same great open cell structure, water absorbing, soft and spongey quality material that doubles in size (just like its much bigger sister) that allows you to apply your favorite products in tighter places. Since size matters, believe me when I say being little in this case is a good thing, it fits perfectly in any cosmetic bag making it ideal for touch ups.

You may be wondering how this will benefit you if you already have a full size blender. Well, let me tell you once you use this you’ll love it just as much as I do for; applying concealer near the inner eye, highlighting the brow bone, and contouring the nose. You might even find more reasons I have not found.

When it comes to cleanup it is just as simple as the original. Rub it on the blendercleanser solid by beautyblender rinse and squeeze, repeat as needed. It’s that easy. For the $15.95 this cleaner works better than expected and is totally worth every penny. Don't worry about it becoming a soggy mess as the water magically evaporates.

The price may seem steep for such a small item but the reusable sponges will last just as long as the original beautyblender. This is a definite purchase for anyone who uses small disposable sponges. I know if I need to purchase another set I will not hesitate as these have a permanent place on my shelf.