Friday, January 30, 2015

Out Of The Closet
The following Q&A session (like previous Out of The Closets) was done via email. Selda Asan-Rodriguez owner of Nur Makeup Artistry has worked on becoming, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air when it comes to continuing the education of makeup. Personal budgets and fiduciary concerns should be a priority for everyone. However, when you want to learn techniques for professional or personal reasons, and when YouTube just doesn't cut it, her classes are what you need. Check out her blog at for updates on class schedules and further contact information. Don’t forget to follow her at NURMAKEUP and NMAREVOLUTION on InstaGram to see her work!

Thanks so much again Selda for the speedy reply and without further ado:

On Jan 8, 2015, at 7:11 PM, "" <> wrote:
Thank you again for wanting to do this Q&A with me. Please take your time with this as I know you are busy with a great deal of things.
And please feel free to check out my blog to preview previous Q&A's to get a feel for what the actual post will look like.
Again greatly appreciate all that you do, have a blessed day.

1. When did you decide to make such an adventurous leap from being a makeup artist to an educator of the craft?

A: On my birthday Sept 2nd of this year. It was when I finally decided to do what I've been wanting to do for years but didn't have the guts too. I decided it, and in less than 10 min I posted about it on my Instagram page announcing what I was planning on doing. 

2. With what appears to be such a huge beauty industry boom from independent start-up companies to freelance MUAs holding paid events, how did you come to the decision to have your makeup workshops be "pay what you can"?

A: Well I have been in that situation where I would see an artist post their next class and I would get so upset that I couldn't attend due to my budget at the time. I wanted to better my skills and was getting upset that It was to expensive to do so. I remember one night crying because I was missing out on one of my Idols makeup class, and said to myself " I will not be the reason someone cries for not being able to educate themselves if I ever become good enough to teach classes" So, I decided to do something no one else has ever done and create a price tag of " YOU DECIDE" 

3. Having such a supportive following on InstaGram and other social media must be greatly motivating. Have these platforms been instrumental in making people aware of NM Revolution's other important message of philanthropy? 

A: Yes! Completely helpful.

4. I'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! It is somewhat stressful to worry about the possible side effects of makeup/beauty products, without being pregnant, from allergic reaction to damaging skin. How has being pregnant changed your makeup/beauty regimen, and what advice can you pass along?

A: Thank you so much. Oh I've been very conscious of what I use on my skin even before I got pregnant but more so now. I avoid wearing makeup as much as I used too. I would wear makeup just to stay home. Haha I know that's crazy, but now I'll wear it if I have somewhere important to go. And I transitioned to Cover FX products . They are less harsh on the skin. Also I use coconut oil to cleans my face. And to moisturize. I'll use a Honey and Lemon mask twice a week. (Homemade) I try to use products that are more natural as possible. 

5. Seeing that 2015 is starting strong with one of your workshops dated for January 25th, what else is in the works for Nur Makeup?

A: Ahhhh so much more that I can't talk about yet.. But it's definitely just the beginning for my NMA REVOLUTION. I can tell you that ;)
I want to sincerely thank you for your time and inspirational approach to sharing your knowledge of the beauty industry. I am so excited to see what the future has in-store for Nur Makeup! 
Thank you so much for being interested in my journey.. I appreciate your time in writing your questions and I hope I was able to help ;) xoxoxo 

Monday, January 26, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume

Purchase Price $9.50 (Received as gift)

Retailer Multiple

Check out  for more product info

Product Review:

Mentioned on my 12 Wants Of Christmas this mascara made it to my lashes but not my shelf. However, there’s a 50/50 chance it might make it to yours. Make sure you specify which version you want as there are THREE; lengthening, volumizing, and waterproof.

The facts, this mascara has vitamin E and a blend of oils to keep lashes from drying out. With continued usage I haven’t had any of the typical mascara concerns like lash breakage or clumping. There are a great number of highlights to this product which include; solid black shade, non-irritating, non-flaking, non-smudging, but most importantly wear-ability, you can wear this from morning to late night. Now, the down side, mind you this was with the tube I USED. Claiming to have, “nylon fibers to extend eyelashes to almost faux proportions” was not seen. The formula was a bit dry for my taste, making slow application a must for even coverage. In my opinion my results were not a true “Doll Eye” or even volume adding. As a great basic mascara this product fits the bill. I was anticipating a real “wow” for an end result but this product fell short. I’m really torn about this one because I do like it as a basic mascara, but that is not what it promised. Plus, in my case I feel a price tag of $5 would be more appropriate considering its short comings. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

FYI : Brand updates, Launches, and Events….
(image from

A Revolution is starting….

Selda of Nur Makeup Artistry, aka nurmakeup on social media, has taken her passion for beauty to another level. Being a certified makeup artist who continues her education with classes has decided to share her knowledge with the rest of us. Having great success with many clients and a growing social media following, specifically IG, she knew many could benefit from viewing her artistry. Selda has since made the leap into the role of educator by holding her own classes. These classes will primarily focus on beauty makeup but with a flair for fashion, which goes hand in hand with makeup. So look forward to seeing how fashion is incorporated in her classes along with other aspects of the health and beauty industry.

You might be wondering “What’s the cost?” And, “What makes her classes any different from other MUA’s/company’s events?”

This is where the REVOLUTION happens: You decide the cost. YES, YOU!
This humble woman is asking each student to bring a sealed envelope to class enclosed with the amount that he or she can afford. Honestly, I’ve NEVER heard of such a generous offer. I’ve seen many famous social media artists and brands offer classes that range from $400 - $600. Frankly, that cost is out of any average makeup enthusiast’s budget. Selda, having felt the pinch of personal finances on choosing to continue makeup education, set out to create a new standard not to deter anyone from learning. The generosity doesn’t stop there. If you are fortunate enough to register for a spot in one of her classes she asks for one additional item. An item that can be donated to either the homeless or children’s hospital.

This inspiring “pay it forward” of makeup education and charity is simply refreshing! I hope others who are in a position to create change follow in Selda’s footsteps to truly broaden minds. Follow Nur Makeup Artistry @ for her blog or nurmakeup and nmarevolution on  InstaGram. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: Healthy Sexy Hair – Soy Tri Wheat leave in conditioner

Purchase Price $17.95 + shipping

Retailer Ulta Online

Check out  for more product info

Product Review:

“New Year, New You” might even include a “new do”. This mini-review might give your locks that extra love they need to maintain those freshly cut ends.

Sexy Hair products are everywhere, from my shelf to sponsoring the NYX Face Awards. I became a fan from their Big Sexy Hair line of sprays, all thanks to IPSY and their Glam bags for the introduction. Knowing that Sexy had a “healthy” line I found it time to venture that direction, and it has not been a disappointing trip yet.

First, I noticed the sweet invigorating scent of this light weight spray that did not dry onto my hair leaving a crunchy stale texture. Next, regardless of when I use this product either on dry or damp hair it gives great results similar to Redken’s Split End Treatment. My hair soaks it up and it even helps to detangle and tame simple frizz. Last, but not least, are the ingredients that are packed into this bottle; soy, Pro-vitamin B5, wheat protein, cocoa extract and more that all aid in conditioning, strengthening, locking in moisture, and giving your hair that healthy shine.

Having a price tag near $20 might seem a bit much but, for such a well branded company and the size/volume of this product this is on par with salon comparable leave-in conditioners ounce to dollar. Plus there are $5 bottles that you can try before committing to a larger purchase. Also, with a variety of retailers between coupons and promotional deals the cost drops even lower!  

Monday, January 12, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Serum

Purchase Price $20 + shipping

Check out for more product info

Product Review:

With a New Year comes a fresh start (in some cases). A night or two of partying, and falling asleep with our makeup on, may have made a couple of us forget to keep that beauty regimen/ritual we perform nightly. This might feel like it had knocked your skin outta whack with a blemish. Or, it may be, for the ladies, that time of month. Either way I got your solution. This Salicylic Acid serum is here to help start your New Year right! I have been using this for over a year and half and have noticed quite a bit of difference. No more big noticeable flare-ups due to hormones and the tiniest of blemishes seem to vanish overnight.

There will be a few who are sensitive to Salicylic Acid, and if you are, unfortunately there is no alternative. I am sensitive to a majority of products but this has not caused any irritation. This serum is a smooth lightweight gel that I have even applied on spots UNDER makeup! There is a tacky feel to the serum but once it dries it is smooth and clear. And don’t worry about that medicinal smell as it does fade pretty rapidly.

Overall this is a fantastic product. For me the price is well worth it as it comes in an easy to dispense bottle that you can get all the serum out of, even from the bottom. Regardless of age this serum can work for you to rid your face of those pesky and sometimes embarrassing blemishes a few days quicker.