Monday, September 29, 2014

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Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Purchase Price $22.00 (received a free deluxe sample)

Retailer Multiple

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Product Review:

#BiggerBadderBlacker lashes are the definitive words that explain this mascara. I received a FREE deluxe sample as a part of a Twitter promotion sponsored by Urban Decay before the mascara was even available for purchase. As I did not receive written permission to post a review before it went on sale to the public I forwent posting my opinions. Use the above hashtag and find great pics on IG, Twitter, and Facebook.

This has to be one of the smoothest mascara formulas I have ever used. Each lash felt and looked evenly coated from root to tip. This is a true black color with no fading as it dried. As I applied it I could tell it didn’t need a second coat. No irritation, smudging, or fading after a solid eight hours of wear. Now the only issue I had was the typical for me. Leaving lines on my brow is somewhat of a norm do to the oils in my skin. This is definitely not a reflection of the quality of this mascara as it has happened even with other high end waterproof mascaras. The only brand to date that this does not happen with is The Balm.

Since this is Urban Decay and creates such a great result I feel like it is totally worth the price. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

On The Shelf

beautyblender micro-mini
Purchase Price $17.95 + tax
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Product Review:

Congrats, it’s twins!
beautyblender has done it again, these mini bundles of joy will truly change your life. Made of the same great open cell structure, water absorbing, soft and spongey quality material that doubles in size (just like its much bigger sister) that allows you to apply your favorite products in tighter places. Since size matters, believe me when I say being little in this case is a good thing, it fits perfectly in any cosmetic bag making it ideal for touch ups.

You may be wondering how this will benefit you if you already have a full size blender. Well, let me tell you once you use this you’ll love it just as much as I do for; applying concealer near the inner eye, highlighting the brow bone, and contouring the nose. You might even find more reasons I have not found.

When it comes to cleanup it is just as simple as the original. Rub it on the blendercleanser solid by beautyblender rinse and squeeze, repeat as needed. It’s that easy. For the $15.95 this cleaner works better than expected and is totally worth every penny. Don't worry about it becoming a soggy mess as the water magically evaporates.

The price may seem steep for such a small item but the reusable sponges will last just as long as the original beautyblender. This is a definite purchase for anyone who uses small disposable sponges. I know if I need to purchase another set I will not hesitate as these have a permanent place on my shelf.

Monday, September 15, 2014

On The Shelf


Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl

Purchase Price $30 + tax

Retailer Local Sephora

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Product Review:

This golden pink pearl luminizer will surely brighten up, those too soon to be coming, dreary winter days. When your skin is in need of a little extra luster and moisture Girl Meets Pearl is the perfect solution. Containing beneficial fruit, nut, and seed extracts and oils it will greatly aid in keeping skin supple and healthy looking. Anyone with oily skin be mindful of application of this product since it does contain oils.

The color is truly gorgeous and will provide that subtle pop when applied to the brow and or cheek bones. Having a twist knob makes dispensing and product control a breeze. Since this is a liquid based product it does not mix well with powder.  So make sure to apply your powder after this liquid has set. I have used this product in two ways each with very different finished looks. As mentioned before as a highlighter it gives a nice finish when applied with fingers or a Beauty Blender. The second application method was a full face dewy glow by mixing it with a liquid foundation. I received a lot of positive feedback and questions about this look.

Having a steep price of $30, even for a Benefit product, needs to be a justified purchase in my opinion. Since I do like this as its intended purpose, a “highlighter”, it is hard to say I would not repurchase it. The only way I can see that happening is if they offered it as an individual travel size (it is available in the You Go Gals! kit) and even then the price would have to be just right for the size.

Monday, September 8, 2014

On The Shelf

Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Complete 14pc Brush Set
W/Rollup Pouch
Purchase Price $110
Retailer IMATS NYC 2014
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Product Review:

First off, the quality of a brush means EVERYTHING to me! When potentially purchasing a brush/set I look past just the item itself and try to envision how it will help me obtain a desired, if not many, looks. Some basic question I pose are: Will this brush/set wear out fast? What materials go into making this product? Does the price seem fair, and if so are there comparable products at a different price? Of course this should be done when purchasing most things but when it comes to brushes most of us forget they are not as disposable or replaceable as they are treated.

Next, I have found this set to be pretty. The attractiveness does not necessarily reflect quality. This set inspires me to always try to add some color or a pop to my look. “Made with all sustainable bamboo handles & all vegan soft synthetic bristles, this is our way of preserving our environment while still keeping you beautiful.” This was taken directly from the Bdellium website as these brushes are a great and cost effective way of staying “Green” even in pink!

Lastly, after using and washing these brushes numerous times shedding has been very minimal. The shape and texture of the bristles has not changed at all. The handles have not cracked or shown any excessive wear plus there has been no separation of the ferrule from the handle. The added rollup pouch houses all of these tools neatly with some room to spare. As I could go on and on about the individual brushes contained in this set, and their uses, I may have to save that for another post demonstrating looks you can achieve with them. I will continue to purchase this brand as my makeup needs grow.

Monday, September 1, 2014

On The Shelf


Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss – Dare Devil

Purchase Price $18 + tax

Retailer Sephora inside JCPenney

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Product Review:

Lip gloss is one of those pocket products most girls love in the makeup world. Adolescent memories come rushing forward with the slightest overly sweet artificial cherry smell. Unfortunately, inexpensive drug store brands don’t always fill your adult needs the way in which they did. Depending on what you want out of your lip gloss is the real problem that needs to be answered, and this can be very complicated. How much do you want to spend? When/where do you want to wear it? And I know there are other questions that could be asked but let’s keep it simple.

Dare Devil is an adventurous sparkling dark berry color which is perfect for fall, as I always receive compliments all the way through winter. Applying the first coat the coverage is a bit sheer, but no worries as a second swipe gives a great full color pay off without feeling heavy. It has a perfect finish with that noticeable shine without being messy. Absolutely no dryness or irritation with this gloss as I have used it for over a year. Key ingredients like avocado, shea, and murumuru butter are what keep those lips moist. The only downside for me was the smell.  I found it to be somewhat of a generic sweet odor that was just put there. The amount of product for your money is well worth it. And there being seventeen other colors to choose from I doubt you will not find one to take home.

Moxie has been a wonderful and more importantly MARVELOUS addition to my shelf!