Monday, October 14, 2013

On The Shelf


Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner

Purchase Price $21 + S/H


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Product Review:
This gel eyeliner positively is a twenty-four hour smudge proof product. Even with allergies symptoms, like watery eyes, arising this fall I never have to worry about it smearing if I need to rub my eyes. It glides on like a liquid but with more control so you can work it the way you need. Unlike pencils or other waxy type eyeliners there seems to be no “tugging” feeling when making thicker lines.  Once dry the color is rich and waterproof so you will need eye makeup remover.
Coming is thirteen chic shades like chocolate mousse, green, white, and gold khaki just to name a few you are sure to find one that will help create a new look for you. One of my favorite things about this is how travel friendly it is. A built in brush, which is functional, is secured in the screw on cap which keeps the eyeliner from drying out. Another great feature are the tips printed right on the packaging for those who may be a little apprehensive on trying this type of eyeliner.
Trying a couple different gel eyeliners the last few years Cailyn’s Line Fix hands down has the longest shelf life once opened.

Having a subscription through IPSY (think Birchbox but with cutesy bags) this came in one of my monthly Glam Bags months ago. Using this regularly since then the verdict is in. It’s earned a permanent spot in my closet!