Monday, January 13, 2014

On The Shelf

GlaMER Lips Organic Lip Scrub Egg Nog

Purchase Price $10 + S/H


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Product Review:

Winning! That’s what I’m doing with this great lip scrub. After receiving this, in an Instagram giveaway hosted by Makeupbymer, it has truly put a smile back on my mouth!

This 100% organic and handmade lip scrub is a definite treat for the lips. The safety seal on the completely filled glass jar under the screw on cap makes you feel reassured the product you receive is meant only for you. Since this was a great giveaway that happened in December I was fortunate enough to get an Egg Nog flavor. That’s right, I said flavor! It not only smelled wonderful but the taste was completely delicious and will remind me of Christmas all year long. Now don’t fret because there are flavors for everyone, bubblegum is one to please every true kid at heart and that is why I can’t wait to try it.

When scooping this out with the provided wooden spatula it has a nice airy and fluffy consistency which made me wonder how it was going to adhere to my lips to scrub. With a pea sized amount balled onto the spatula my first attempt was a complete fail as I watched in horror as the shimmery gold goodness fell into the sink. Now pouting in disbelief I balled up another pea sized scrub and pinched it between my butterfingers. On dry lips I massaged the scrub onto my lips for about two minutes, one minute for each lip, in small circular movements.  This was not messy and a great surprise, but whatever fall out happened did so into my mouth with much enjoyment. Rinsing with warm water and a couple guilty licks later, hey they said it was edible, my lips were noticeably smoother. The next day there were some spots of dead skin that by the end of that night had fallen completely off. The following night I decided to exfoliate one more time with this awesome scrub. Voila! With a touch of lip balm my lips felt brand new.

Mind you my lips get very rough and cracked here on the East coast.  This California born and bred girl was not made for such harsh winters so receiving the GlaMER Lip Scrub was simply serendipitous. My observations for this are;

1.       If you have never exfoliated or have not exfoliated in a while the first application will probably be similar to mine making it more of a prep.

2.       The second application a day and a half later finished my lips to make them first date kissable soft.

3.       This product is wonderful and a complete package in a neat little container.

I want to thank Mercedes for creating a great all natural product which will be a staple in my closet as long as it is available!