Tuesday, September 1, 2015

On The Shelf


Sephora Collection Green Tea & Lotus Face Mask

Purchase Price $6 + tax (ea.)

Retailer Sephora

Check out www.sephora.com for product info

Product Review:

The Green Tea mask is specific for blemished and breakout prone skin as it “mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, absorb sebum, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks”, according to Sephora. My results for use of this mask were excellent. I noticed a vast difference in the appearance of my blemishes in size and redness. An added bonus and pick me up was the clean and refreshed feeling my skin now had after application. Wearing this mask overnight once a week definitely helped with my mid-day oil production as I noticed less need to blot my face or reapply and touch up my makeup. The formula in this mask has a mild scent and was non-irritating to skin or eyes. I noticed a slight tingling sensation on application but the cooling sensation took over after only a few minutes.

The Lotus mask, as stated on Sephora’s website, “refreshes skin and reduces signs of strain and fatigue”, with that said, I had mixed results. I can agree with the “refreshing” part, however, I saw no significant changes in the appearance of my skin. The scent was subtle and like all the masks in the Sephora Collection ample product for complete hydration for the face. This mask caused no irritation but I do not think it will be repurchased as I have had better results from Sephora’s other masks.

Overall both these masks were refreshing, as any facial product should be, but the Green Tea lived up to its promises and completely delivered. I suggest trying one and seeing if you reap the same benefits I did. Way to go Sephora for another spot on my shelf!