Monday, August 11, 2014

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Maybelline Dream Pure BB/Dream Fresh BB (both in Light)

Purchase Price $8.99 ea + tax

Retailer Local Ulta

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Product Review:
Although these two may look like twins they are far from identical so here’s my breakdown of these sibling BB creams.

Pure BB – This is Maybelline’s first BB cream with blemish fighting properties by containing two percent salicylic acid making it an easy choice for those with acne prone or oily skin. A creamy consistency with a light makeup scent, not medicinal, that does not linger after it has dried makes this a great standalone product. This cream is a designed to be a light coverage product but can be built up to a suitable medium. I have noticed a long set time before being able to apply a powder. This has lead me to an issue of using this as a primer/base for liquid foundation, it simply does not work as one. It appears to break down to a smearing oily mess, which is surprising since it has no oil in it, which has too much movement on the skin and wipes off the skin.

There is a definite reduction in redness, breakouts, and is a great clear skin barrier when used just with a setting powder.

Fresh BB – After this one came out on the market I tried it with great hopes, all of which were dashed when realizing application with fingers and or brushes was a nightmare. So after purchasing a Beauty Blender I figured give this another shot and PRESTO what a night and day difference. I was able to get an even buildable coverage in a solid shade (still a tad dark/warm for my true tone) which worked for my “lighter/cleaner” looks. As with the Dream BB the setting time is longer than I would like so after application I usually do my hair and then finish my makeup look. Having great success as a primer/base I will often use this then go to my foundation (both powder and liquid have worked with this one for me) and then to a setting powder. Although having adverse reaction to anything containing SPF I have had minimal breakouts with this product.

Using both of these BBs I have no major complaints as they are great additions to my shelf. I however recommend if anyone were to venture out and buy these, purchase a Beauty Blender first as you will never regret having one regardless. The similarities were; the color of both (which happened to be a tad dark for me), the setting time, and price. But the differences between them was noticeable after weeks of use. I will be repurchasing the Dream Fresh BB due to its compatibility with one of my favorite liquid foundations.