Monday, August 18, 2014

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NYX Slim Eye Pencil (White)

Purchase Price $3.50 + tax

Retailer Ulta

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Product Review:

White eyeliners are a MUST. The diverse use of this product to achieve multiple looks is fantastic. Applying to the waterline will give you a great bright eyed wide awake look that will not go unnoticed. Lining the upper lid, as you would normally, along with splashing the right color combo of shadows or pigments you will get a psychedelic 60’s throwback making you feel down right groovy. A fun trick is to line the cupid bow of the upper lip with this and blend it out for a more full lip look. In comparison having used Sephora’s brand eyeliner in white, not the worst but far from the best, the NYX pencil is simply better at all the tasks I’ve required.

The pure white is not hidden behind any glitter or shimmer it is a bright white color. The formula of this creamy pencil is perfect for applying easily on the waterline as well as a tug free application on the upper lid. Without having any irritation issues after a full eight hour day I couldn’t find any bleeding or dulling of the color either. Best part about this pencil is, if white is not your color don’t fret as there are thirty-nine other shades to choose from. And the price is so ridiculously low for such a high quality product I will have to grab a hand full for my shelf.