Monday, October 27, 2014

On The Shelf


MAC Mineralize Blush – Just a Wisp

Purchase Price $27 + tax

Retailer MAC Store King of Prussia Mall

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Product Review:

Being relatively new to the blush game (better late than never) I’m always critical when selecting a shade. My first blush from MAC was called Dainty and it was AMAZING! Wanting another Mineralized product Dainty set the standard for me as I scanned the counter until Just a Wisp nearly jumped into my hand. Its pale pink luminous properties caught my eye as I smeared it on my wrist and watched as the pearlized finish came through. Just a Wisp is super sheer and the color is build-able without it having a heavy feel or caked on appearance. I had no irritation or blemishes from continued use.

Unfortunately, this does not come off as a blush to me. Once applied to my cheeks it game me more of a “highlighter” effect that looked like a frosty bold pink. Not the everyday look unless you are living in Arendelle with Elsa and Anna. Refusing to give up on this product I found an appropriate alternate use. I’ve continued using it as a brow highlighter or inner eyeshadow that provides a wide-awake look.

Price is what it is for a Mineralized MAC product. Packaging is the signature matte black finish with a clear window to view the product. I will not be repurchasing this even after finding other uses due to the fact there are less expensive products to fill those needs.