Monday, April 27, 2015

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DevaCurl Trial & Travel Set

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Retailer Multiple (Ulta)

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Product Review:

Curly girl hair problems will soon be in full effect since spring has come, and right behind it humid summer days (varying on location). Solution, DevaCurl!
My aunt who is also a California native is always on the prowl for curly hair products. After she had spoken with a co-worker regarding her new do my aunt was introduced to DevaCurl products and decided to send me this set. I had seen the green and white label many times at my local Sephora but paid no mind. Honestly, this set is the perfect way to see which products work for you without breaking the bank. The set comes with four essential components all made to harmoniously work together.

1. No-Poo™ Zero Lather Cleanser - This shampoo made without silicones, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. This means you won’t get stripped or dried out locks. Also don’t expect any suds or lather as you will be blue in the face from trying to create some. I always associated lather with “cleanliness” before using any sulfate free shampoos. This product is easily distributed throughout hair and feels more like a conditioner when applying. The scent is strangely earthy to me, not like dirt but herbal, maybe this is due to the hops and wheat amino acids. But after washing hair the peppermint takes over leaving a tingly refreshed aroma. I loved this shampoo so much I have already used the kit size and replaced it with its full size counterpart. The price is hefty but well worth it for the results.

2. One Condition Daily Conditioner -  Award winning product and for good reason. I really love the rosemary scent of this conditioner. Rosemary, lemon grass, and olive oil are key ingredients but this conditioner echoes the same non-additive chemical free formula as the No-Poo™ shampoo. This conditioner is thick and creamy without feeling slimey or messy on hair. I found it worked much better in conjunction with the No-Poo™ versus alone or with another shampoo. I would purchase the full size only if I had a coupon or it was on sale as it has a price of $39.95 for a 32 oz.

3. Light Defining Gel – OMG I need to just state the aroma of this sweet and fruity product almost lasted ALL DAY! This gel is made without alcohol or mineral oils and has key ingredients like; chamomile, wheat and soy proteins which are very popular now. This did help define curls and was light weight but unfortunately left my hair feeling dried out and more tangled than I expected. It didn’t leave the texture of my hair crunchy like other gels but this fell short due to the knotty mess I was left with.

4. Set It Free 24 Hour Moisture Lock – When I first used this product it was with all the products included in the kit and saw no improvement or change. Actually I put this to the back of my shelf until I had finished the No-Poo™ and One conditioner.  Recently I pulled it out and used it solo without any other gels or products out of the shower. My curls were absolutely frizz free and I had ZERO tangles. I found it works best on damp hair but can be used on dry hair to manage fly aways and frizz. My hair was left shiny but not greasy. The smell follows suit with its “earthy notes” but is not overwhelming or harsh. I would gladly repurchase this in the 3 oz. travel size for overnight purposes.

Overall this set is a great investment for anyone with curly locks. If for nothing else, you can try great products that can be used together or separately to see what works best for your hair. As far as DevaCurl the No-Poo™ is a winner in my book and a new staple on my shelf!