Monday, May 4, 2015

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Gerard Cosmetics Kimchi Doll Lipstick

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Product Review:

Gerard Cosmetics has created another totally awesome lipstick by teaming up with fashion blogger Sophia Chang. Keeping with their creamy smooth formula, which glides onto lips effortlessly, I found Kimchi Doll to be a peach sheen nude compared to the shimmer of baby pink Gerard advertises.

It took two coats to achieve a full coverage look. Unfortunately this color, and most like it, seem to wash me out since I am so pale. The hues were all wrong, for me, and the color of the lipstick did not resemble what appeared on my lips. I believe this color definitely gives a nice polished end result with a clean and more sophisticated makeup versus an edgy glam/rock look. Not to say this has made my feelings about Gerard’s lipstick any different but this one will be in my kit, for use on others, instead of on my shelf.