Monday, June 1, 2015

On The Shelf


The Original Makeup Eraser

Purchase Price $20 + shipping (The Makeup Show NY $17)

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Product Review:

Seeing the Makeup Eraser all over InstaGram last year made me want to try this product for some time. The polyester cloth measures 16 inches long by 7 inches wide and for some reason I wish it were larger as I find myself trying to use it in sections to make it last longer between machine washes. The impressive claims of only needing warm water to remove makeup grabbed my attention. But for some reason I felt as if it has to be drenched to work properly.

The material acts almost hydrophobic so manipulating it under running water is a must. I also had to get the water much hotter to stay “warm” while on the eraser. One side of the eraser it is supposed to be used for exfoliating, but I didn’t see any difference in material or texture when comparing the sides. Before the initial use the directions state you must machine wash the eraser, so I did. I have been using the eraser going on three weeks and it is a great first line of makeup removal. With this said, it has its limitations; for example waterproof eyeliner is going to require way too much effort and physical pressure, in my opinion, to be effective. When removing eye makeup, including eye shadows, I found it better to use one of my makeup removing wipes (chemical kind) and then the eraser to wipe any traces left behind.

Overall I found this to be a great first step in removing makeup with only water. Next, it has its limits and the amount of pressure and time to remove certain types of makeup on and around my eyes did not seem worth it. Last, the size seems odd and I wish it were a little larger to get more usage before needing to wash it. However it is great for anyone who wears makeup as a first step to their face cleaning routine. I am glad to have it on my shelf and feel it is worth a try.