Monday, July 27, 2015

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NUR Makeup Artistry Workshop

Cost: $100
Selda with me on her shoulder :)
Last month, June 7th, I attended my first ever hands-on workshop, with demonstration and instruction, given by Selda Asan-Rodriguez owner of NUR Makeup Artistry. The main goal of this workshop was for a photo ready look. This was a great experience as you were allowed to bring your own model to apply your work.

Selda was at the front of the class with her barefaced model projected on a monitor for all to see. Twenty women, with makeup and tools at the ready, watched and listened intently as Selda began giving her demonstration. As she was worked, starting with the eyes, Selda was eager to answer any questions while we followed along. Next came a primary focus, the foundation and selecting the best shade for you or your model’s skin tone. She recommended to swatch three colors that appear close to the desired shade on the chest and pick the one that blends without hard defined edges. This is where allowing time for the foundation to set if it needed to be built was crucial. Having set the foundation Selda moved onto contouring, my crux as I never learned how to properly use this technique (learned so much from Selda though). Then, as this was completed she moved back to the eyes and finished them with a personal touch of red shadow to give the look a sultry finish.  

There was a definite weak spot for me in this workshop and that was attempting to use techniques that were unfamiliar to me while watching and listening. Taking notes in between applying makeup to my model and following along was a tad difficult for me. However, this was an awesome experience that I learned so much more than watching a ten minute YouTube video could ever have taught me. Selda is naturally an excellent teacher and even commented on how her techniques are what she uses to apply makeup. She definitely thinks about the bigger picture and spreading not only the love of makeup but the true artistry behind it.

As we finished all the participants were given a certificate of completion and a bag of merchandise that more than covered the actual price of the workshop. Not to mention there were refreshments and the casual and friendly environment was such a great girl’s day out for me and one of my besties! Also, Selda had a raffle which was unbelievable for jewelry and makeup products. Believe me this class was informative and I can’t wait until she has another one.