Monday, July 20, 2015

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Bdellium Tools Maestro 974 Tapered Powder

Purchase Price $24

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Product Review:

Being a diehard fan of Bdellium’s colorful bamboo (Bambu) brush lines I decided to add one of their Maestro brushes to my ever growing collection. The brush has the typical gloss black finished handle and aluminum ferrule with a combination of natural and synthetic hairs.

As stated on Bdellium’s website: “Designed to sculpt and shape cheeks and temples using powder, blush, or highlighter”, which I can attest to using all three products with this brush. I found while using this brush it holds plenty of product for blush and highlighter application without the need to double and triple dip into product. The unique shape made it possible to perfectly apply makeup under my eyes. The bristles are extremely soft and easy enough to hand wash, and after doing so, the shape comes back with no irregularities.

The only issues I had have been when using this brush for contouring. Like mentioned previously this brush holds product, so I end up having an asymmetrical end result which requires a lot of blending. However, the primary function of this brush, for me, has been as a blending and setting tool. The price is reflective of the overall quality of this brush. I would definitely recommend it for blending after contouring. There is a high possibility of repurchase of this individual for my shelf.