Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breakthrough Brands

This summer Jordan Liberty has done it again, launching his line of lashes dubbed FAKE IT. As if having a full time job isn’t stressful enough. Let’s add founder of a new up and coming brand to the already what most would consider an envy-able and solid resume. With the popularity of Give Good Face growing daily in the makeup community there’s no surprise why this was a natural transition for the already established Professional Makeup Artist, YouTube makeup how-to guru, and lover of all things makeup and beauty, to offer some great products for the true “beauty junkie”. If you don’t already know about the Give Good Face YouTube channel I would highly recommend checking it out at  and after viewing an abundance of great advice stroll over to and pick up some of the makeup and beauty inspired, cutesy and tongue in cheek, T-shirts and hoodies.
One of the best things about this company you see the man behind the brand. At the 2012 NYC IMATS I bought my GGF T-shirt and got a wave and a thank you from Jordan. For the 2013 NYC IMATS Liberty Republic made a grand debut with crowds batting their lashes to FAKE IT. I was there cash in hand ready to purchase three (Exhibition, Peep Show, and Alpha Blonde) sets so I could FAKE IT and of course grab another GGF T-shirt. The booth was lined with fans excited for the debut and I was even lucky enough to get a picture snapped with the industry professional.

These lashes are no joke, hand knotted flares that look natural and glamorous, they seem made for the camera these babies have the thinnest and lightest clear lash bonds whenever possible. With thirteen different lashes to choose from and a superior quality I bet there will be oodles of looks created using these in the future. Having made stops at the IMATS, The Makeup Show, and IBS Liberty Republic already has so many people faking it. And you can too simply with a click of the mouse at .