Monday, September 30, 2013

On The Shelf


Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream

Purchase Price $36 + tax

Retailer Ulta

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Product Review:
After receiving Allure’s Best in Beauty 2012 Award you can clearly see why this company has such an appropriate name. With Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston not only being a spokesperson and co-owner, she is the embodiment of Living Proof hair care products.
For my frizzy curls there are very few products that ever seem to suit me. Reluctantly this was tried first as a sample before investing nearly forty dollars on what most would consider just another big name paid to hock goods all for the sake of sales. But wait, the weightless cream glides over the frizz making your hair feel luxuriously smooth. Unlike oil or silicone products there is no messy goo or tackiness to weigh down your hair which allows you to still have volume. According to Living Proof’s website they have created a patented molecule “OFPMA” that creates a “weightless shield” that wraps around each strand of hair to block humidity. Not only does this help smooth hair, block humidity, add dirt repellent to the list!

A complex but simply white looking cream is what this sophisticatedly attractive bottle houses. Its distinct odor fades after application, personally I wish it were more pleasant. It distributes easily throughout hair and does not leave any mess on your hands. Best used on freshly washed damp hair but I have used it with great success on dry hair as well. This is a no frizz no brainer.