Monday, September 23, 2013

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Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Purchase Price $39 + tax

Retailer Sephora

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Product Review:

Having tried some of the best makeup brands, from drug store to professional, I could never find one liquid foundation that worked as promised. After watching a review and demonstration by a YouTube vlogger itsjudytime, go check her awesome beauty channel for some great reviews, I was convinced to go and get a sample. After a couple of applications I was hooked on liquid again.

With the Naked Skin Foundation there are eight-teen shades starting with 0.5 which is the lightest and is what I use, the 6 is a medium for golden beige olive skin tones, and 12 is the darkest shade with deep gold undertones.

Having a pump on the bottle makes dispensing extremely easy to control the amount of product that I put onto a Bdellium Tools 957 Pink Bambu brush that creates a nice buildable foundation. Compared to other liquids this seems to dry faster, but getting ready early in the morning that’s not such a bad thing. Surprisingly as promised this does finish to a “demi matte” which I adore since I’m not a dewy look girl. Using a translucent setting powder is not necessary but can be used for touch ups.

Trying for myself using the Tarte BB Primer (Sept. 9th Review) the foundation seems to be unable to create a base to build off of. The Naked Foundation reminds me of airbrush makeup from the way it has to be shaken in the bottle before using and even the smell. Perhaps this may be an all-in-one that is made to be simply a standalone not needing a primer. Either way I have a great liquid foundation sitting on my shelf.