Monday, November 25, 2013

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OCC Lip Tar (Black Dhalia)

Purchase Price $18.00 + tax

Retailer Sephora (Local Mall)  

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Product Review:

It is official, I have OCC! The attraction to OCC’s Black Dhalia Lip Tar is obvious with its deep dark rich burgundy color with hints of brown undertones. Having done a ton of research (June 1st post) the bar was set extremely high for this product so you can understand my excitement when it came time to review it. My day job requires me to wear a particle mask/shield for a lot of the work day so contact rubbing is going to happen. With this in mind it was very important to me that the lip products I use must have longevity. Through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and countless water bottles the color stayed perfect. My lips never felt dry, tight, or tacky and I believe the blend of essential oils (hemp and peppermint) played an important role in this. This is one of those great products a little goes a LONG way.

Packaging is simple and durable as each Lip Tar individually sold (OCC also sells collections) comes in a clear vinyl travel case with a mini application brush making it perfect for any bag. Be careful as things will get messy if not properly capped. Be sure to purchase the clear Lip Tar as it preps the lips for the color you choose and then seals it making it last all day. Plus the clear Lip Tar makes a great gloss!