Monday, November 11, 2013

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True False Lashes (Gypsy)

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Product Review:
Obviously the packaging on all the True False lashes make a lasting impression. But the distinctive graphics and colors of the Gypsy lash box is definitely eye catching. You will get a great full thick look when you apply these lashes, added to a darker eye makeup gives you that exotic mysterious appearance.

The lash line is thick enough for a generous amount of glue. Make sure to purchase adhesive since it is not included with this brand, I prefer DUO Eyelash Adhesive and you can find it virtually everywhere. These lashes are stiffer than most so proper application and patience is needed. There were no issues blending mascara from my real lashes into these falsies. 

The Gypsy lashes reminded me of those stiff falsies you buy around Halloween time but without the regret. The WOW factor is there and the price will please even the most budget minded person. Having so many choices from True False you should just buy them all for a different look every day of the week!