Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Wants of Christmas!
Being like most makeup lovers I seem to be collecting more and more individual color eye shadows than entire palettes lately. Don’t get me wrong but sometimes there are just those colors you see that either aren’t included with, or are not the same brand as your usual favorites. These three colors are definitely ones that have peeked my interest. Here they are, my top three eye shadow wants!

1.     Dollip by Sugar Pill can be purchased at

This dreamy vibrant shade of hot pink will get you noticed for sure! I’ve been following Sugar Pill’s Instagram for some time now and first saw Shrinkle (Amy) gaining some major popularity about two years ago. With her own flare and pizazz she has been able to turn something simple like eye shadow and lashes into a major branded company. This will HAVE to be an On The Shelf for 2014 for sure!

2.     If You’re Rich by The Balm can be purchased at

Calling them “Overshadows” The Balm has created an all mineral product line in a limited color range. This one has a nice pewter-purple tint which I know would vamp up a couple looks for me. Hopefully at some point I would be able to try this and see how well it blends as a shimmer or as a standalone with some lashes.

3.     Simply Marlena by Makeup Geek can be purchased at

This screams Girly Girl with its pretty pink color and shimmery gold flecks. Having worn Chickadee and Burlesque, Makeup Geek can boast that they not only are affordable but make a quality product that all will love. These shadows are fantastic and I can make only glowing comments because they ARE that good.