Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Wants of Christmas!
Starting with a good foundation is key but what if you need a little extra help? Simple grab a good concealer. In the past for me I have been hard pressed to find, first a concealer that worked with a foundation that was color matched to me, as well as finding that right shade foundation. While always on the lookout for new foundations or concealers I do, finally, have two I use all the time. But these products are definitely on the radar for this next coming year. In no particular order here are my three face wants for this week.

1.       Matchmaster Foundation by MAC can be purchased at or their retail locations.

Giving MAC a chance has never been an issue in the past. Some of their products, especially foundations, have worked great for me. But as with anything you never know until you try it. This foundation claims to help aid in absorbing excess oil and give you a demi-matte finish

2.       Lock-It Tattoo Concealer by Kat Von D can be purchased at

Being a heavy duty multitasking concealer had high hopes simply from the name alone. Using this under the eyes and on blemishes there are no complaints here. I have yet to try to “cover-up” visible tattoos with it. This concealer simply works and does what it is made to do. Check back to see an On The Shelf next year!

3.       Skin Base Foundation by Illamasqua  can be purchased at

This is their version of the ever so popular Beauty Balm. From other reviews it has been said to be, “easily blendable and undetectable in HD enviroments”. Personally this is one of those brands I can’t wait to get on my face, so I say, “Cheers Baby!”