Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Wants of Christmas!


This week the products are focused again on lips, but more importantly lip maintenance. With so many companies and different ingredients that may do more damage than good how can you tell what works? Just remember K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Stupid) when it comes to lips, less is more and more is well… just more.

These are my top three lip care products in no specific order:

1.       GlaMER Lips Lip Scrub can be purchased at

With truly natural ingredients you can’t go wrong with this scrub. Right now with the addition of Holiday scents/flavors there is definitely something for all. If you are like me and have tried your own DIY scrub with refined sugars and honey with warm water STOP! Besides making a mini mess there is something about scrubbing/exfoliating with coarse table sugar that doesn’t exactly work alone. The GlaMER Lips product line has taken the guess work out of the DIY person’s hands and put it in a clear container so you can see exactly what you have.  Having recently won an InstaGram contest sponsored by MakeupbyMER this can actually be happily taken off my list. I am more than excited first off to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, to Mercedes the woman behind GlaMER Lips, for hosting such a FANtastic give away. I’ll be posting an On The Shelf in January about the products I won!

2.       Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment can be purchased at and

Since I have used Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment with better results than your average ChapStick I was after a tinted moisturizer without a plumper or additional additives. Other than the obvious rose tint it is a great moisturizer with SPF as well. Now with the addition of eight colors there may be a sample pack brewing for me to hunt down.

3.   Lush Lip Scrub in Bubble Gum can be purchased at or at Lush retail stores

Black Friday 2013 was my introduction to Lush in person. And I was BLOWN away by the personal touch this company puts behind their products. Having fun and quirky organic handmade products you feel like a kid in a candy store (of sorts). Having time to sample this I LOVED the taste of it LOL. I know I wasn’t supposed to be eating it but if it melts or falls into your mouth it is 100% safe to swallow. If you have a chance definitely find a retail store in your area for a one on one with a staff member. I for one will be going back after the New Year and ring in 2014 with personalized facial products just by answering some questions and trying samples in store.