Monday, April 21, 2014

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Sparkle Baby Collection Eye Shadow

Kitten Paradise and Candycrush

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Product Review:

Meeting Shrinkle was a definite highlight of this purchase. Having been a longtime fan through social media every time it came for me to place an order for products they were unfortunately sold out. After finding out they were attending the NYC IMATS I immediately made a list of MUST HAVES and I am sure glad I did, visit later for additional Sugar Pill reviews.

These two eye shadows are from a new four color collection called Sparkle Baby which will be released to the public within the next couple months. Kitten Paradise adds a sexy sparkle to a gorgeous peach with a light gold shimmer. This color is perfect for adding a dash of whimsy to that perfect spring or summer eye look. With a solid amount of pigment and no fallout issues during application the look I achieved caught the natural light perfectly. Hands down this is going to become one of my favorite eye shadows very soon. Onto Candycrush, a color which I have dreamed of FOR…E-V-E-R. It is a perfect cotton candy blue with the right amount of shimmer keeping it attractive without the sometimes gaudy look of a frost type eye shadows. Great for either a day or night look pairing it with a pink for a fun cotton candy eye is going to be one I’ll use a lot this summer. Now if they would only come out with the matching cotton candy pink I’d be set.

What really impressed me with these shadows was the ease of application, no fallout, and the durability. It went on smooth and lasted over eight hours and cleanup was simple enough with eye makeup remover. These shimmery sensations will be a stocked staple in my closet as long as they are available and remain cruelty free.