Monday, April 28, 2014

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MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation

Purchase Price $34 + tax

Retailer MAC Store Local Mall

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Product Review:

Like most makeup users switching foundations is somewhat common place depending on the specific look you may be trying to achieve. Also time of year may dictate which foundation works best based on seasonal influences. I often fall back to this bottle as it is the only liquid foundation by MAC that does not cause irritation or worse, breakouts. Having eleven customized shades it is still a bit darker than my true skin tone but as we all know it is hard to find that perfect shade in a long lasting quality product.

I primarily use this in the winter and start to taper off by mid spring. Using the Bdellium 957 brush for buildable coverage on initial application works best for me. After setting with a loose translucent powder I gently stipple with a Beauty Blender to achieve a demi matte look. I have had no issues with clogging my large pores with this liquid as with other MAC products that have not only clogged but caused in some cases severe breakouts. I have been able to find a major ingredient which often appears in products that cause irritation and breakouts on my skin which is SPF. As previously mentioned, fortunately, this foundation has caused me neither of those issues.

With some foundations dry skin is exacerbated and made to look just as bad if not worse. While using Matchmaster this is non-existent in winter months and as the seasons change does not cause any issues with additional oils or shine coming through the makeup. As for product control the pump dispenser evenly distributes and this is a must for me when buying pricier products and one bottle should last you a reasonable amount of time when compared to other liquid products. Everyone would benefit from trying and using this foundation and to be expected it is MAC so it is designed to work in coordination with other MAC facial products. With that said, the price point is set justly as it is MAC and it is of a professional quality. Of course MAC has a great return policy when it comes to products not performing to your expectations. So set up a consultation or walk into any MAC store or MAC counter in a department store and see for yourself as all MAC consultants are trained MUAs of sorts.