Monday, April 7, 2014

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NYX Powder Blush

Purchase Price $5 + tax

Retailer Local Ulta Store

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Product Review:

Want a little color on your cheeks? Then you have to try this Powder Blush by NYX. As a constant supporter of anything that works well along with an affordable price tag this product accomplishes both those tasks. Of course my fair skin may not be suited for most blush colors but the Terra Cotta blends amazingly and actually seems more like a bronzer of sorts in my case. Most bronzers leave me with one of two finished results; too orange or sunburned looking.

Spending half the amount on this product versus a traditional bronzer only makes sense. Now the Terra Cotta color is not just an average brownish orange as it has a light copper almost peachy gold adding a wonderful shimmery glow to the skin. From fair to dark complexions this will act as a subtle highlight when applied like a traditional blush.

Easy applied with a blush brush and if using a contour brush a more precise application can be made. It simply glides onto the skin almost effortlessly and gives a great finished look. I love how it wears all day with no signs of irritation or clogging pores.

If you are starting out with blushes or bronzers consider picking up a NYX Powder Blush before jumping to some of the big brand names.