Monday, May 12, 2014

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NYX Color Mascara

Purchase Price $7 + tax


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 Product Review:

Colored mascaras are always a great addition for that extra flair of fun. Over ten years ago, when I was able to finally play with makeup, it was love at first stroke of some random drug store brand mascara in a bright blue color. Now NYX has released a line of colored mascaras in blue, purple, and brown.

These mascaras have been clump free, volume adding, and smudge proof once it dried after application. So far the formula NYX used has not caused me any irritation or caused dry brittle lashes as other less and more expensive mascaras have a tendency to do. Of course the only part that seems to have been simply passed over or to keep costs down is the application wand. It is a straight forward wand so expect nothing special. The purple was great and very vibrant pulling out of the tube on the applicator but that’s where the color ended for me. While applying I noticed it seemed to blend with my dark lashes almost creating a brownish color versus coating my lashes in the wonderful purple. Even though this color didn’t work for me the way I expected it should work great for those with lighter eye lashes. Now onto the blue color. After two coats my lashes went from black to a heavenly blue that made a bold statement. Simply eye catching and perfect using with some outstanding neon color shadows out there. Opting not to buy the brown I am assuming it would be like most other browns I have tried which simply blended onto my black lashes.

These mascaras are truly a good buy at an affordable price. For this gal the blue has found its permanent place on my shelf. And I urge NYX to not discontinue this color but challenge them to come up with some more creative vibrant colors!