Monday, May 5, 2014

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Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer

Purchase Price $16 + S/H (12 oz.)

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Product Review:

My five day a week nine to five job has me surrounded by germs all the time, and I would never want to possibly contaminate my makeup. Even with proper brush cleanings, which should be done regimentally just because the buildup of bacteria and oil alone, isn’t enough to safeguard the makeup which you just applied to your face. That’s why a lot of companies recommend tossing products after a certain period of time. But let’s get serious who wants to trash any cosmetics regardless of cost?

Having what appears to be a simple solution to not only sanitizing but rejuvenating old makeup Beauty So Clean offers a complete line of Cosmetic Sanitizers related to keeping your makeup as fresh as the day you opened it. I was able to buy this easy to use amazing spray bottle at the 2013 NYC IMATS at the Beauty So Clean booth. Using this on my eye shadows, mascara wands, and my favorite pressed foundation powders has made a world of difference. With a simple light spray and being careful not to saturate the product you can keep your makeup almost indefinitely, of course at some point throwing out old products just makes sense.

One of the main ingredients in the Cosmetic Sanitizer is Ethyl Alcohol which is always an active ingredient in common hand sanitizer so this would only make sense that it kills bacteria on makeup. There is that slight smell after misting your products from the alcohol which quickly fades and does not leave an unpleasant odor on any makeup. I have found the Cosmetic Sanitizer non-irritating and again does not cause any damage or add any irritating properties to the makeup it has been applied to. Just as a trial I even used this on MAC brand lipsticks and they have not lost their luster! Having this has been great as I have applied makeup on different faces from the same palettes and never worried about any person breaking out or passing along germs or oils. Not only would this be great to keep on the shelf but all MUAs should have at least the travel size in their kit.