Monday, May 26, 2014

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Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

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Product Review:

A “million dollar idea”, that sums up this review.

This is a product you wished you invented and one you NEED by your side at all times.  I had seen this on Instagram a few months ago and coveted it instantly. As fate would have it Vera Mona was listed to attend the NYC IMATS so I made sure to pick up mine. When it was my turn to make my purchase at their booth the sales associate was extremely friendly and demonstrated how this magical wonder worked. Out popped a generic silver tin, off came the lid, and held inside an open cell sponge woven into what seem like a million small net-like layers.

With a simple back and forth swiping motion of any used brush it effortlessly will come clean. Of course I would not try cleaning any brushes that had liquid products on them so keep that in mind. As for any powders specifically eye shadows swapping to any color makes that task super easy!  In the center of the black sponge is a second white sponge which is the “duo’ portion. This is meant to be dampened so you can then take a dry eye shadow and make it “wet” by dipping the brush into it before any loose eye shadow or color pigment.

When it comes to switching colors this nifty tool has so far beat any wipe or cleaner with no wait time to dry. As the dirty bristles come into contact with the sponge and are agitated back and forth you can see a little cloud rising to makeup heaven, oh we will miss you colorful particles! To put this to a true test I used a navy blue shadow with shimmer and switched to a white matte shadow. All the claims made came true leaving me speechless. There was no trace of either navy or shimmer in the white matte shadow after application. Truly remarkable! Nothing could be better…well perhaps other colors and a pink tin.