Monday, July 21, 2014

On The Shelf


Lime Crime Lipstick Great Pink Planet    

Purchase Price $18 (Purchased NYC IMATS 2014)


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Product Review:

Having been a huge fan of Doe Deere’s style for some time, creator of Lime Crime, I was super excited to see their booth at the 2014 NYC IMATS. Unfortunately I missed out on her meet and greet the day I attended but as luck had it my friend and I were the last two allowed to make purchases at the booth that day. If you need an example of the popularity of this company the line alone wrapped around several other booths and even though I was supposed to be the last in line at least twenty others either cut or got into the line behind me. At this point security stepped in and waved people away informing them that the booth was going to be closing and had sold out its products for the day.  After waiting for two hours in this line to finally get to the register and see what was available for purchase I was heartbroken because all the lipstick shades I wanted were gone. I intended on purchasing Babette a color which is extremely popular and always sold out online.

Cash in hand and having waited in line I was determined to purchase something. Seeing Great Pink Planet I grabbed it and instantly loved the color. This vegan and cruelty free line of makeup offers this absolutely gorgeous pink shade which is highly pigmented and opaque for super color saturation. This lipstick applies very well as it is super creamy. And of course a yummy scent of sweet vanilla always helps. This is one of those colors you’d see Barbie wearing, fun loving summer pastel pink with a unique twist. The formula is perfect in my opinion long wearing without drying your lips or staining which seems to happen with a lot of long wear colors.

Now to the downside, currently this is one of those lipsticks that is only available online so expect to pay shipping but the price is worth it if you are a connoisseur of all things pink.