Monday, July 28, 2014

On The Shelf


Redken Extreme Anti-Snap        

Purchase Price $17.50 + tax

Retailer Local Ulta

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Product Review:

This is one of those hair products I can’t do without for when my hair is feeling less than 100% and now especially during highlight season. Always a quick seller during sales at my local Ulta and for good reason. Made specifically for distressed and damaged hair this product protects against breakage and spilt ends but also is a fantastic thermal protectant when blowing out or straightening hair with an iron. Using this straight out of the shower on damp hair I can almost feel my hair almost instantly sucking in all of this wonderful product like a plant. The noticeable difference for me is at the end of the day after application it feels so much softer. When applied daily to dry hair it gives a great shine factor without a greasy look or feel.  

The secret seems to be in the 3D repair complex along with other ingredients that make hair become healthy, split end, and frizz free. The proteins help build internal strength while the Ceramide adds to cuticle reinforcement and the natural lipids aid in protective resurfacing of the hair. The consistency of this white serum is creamy and non-tacky which make applying with your hands simple. It does not leave hair heavy like some conditioning lotions or serums but after it is applied hair is bouncy and appears to help in adding volume as well. It reminds me of a fresh out of the salon smell but not in a chemical way leaving a mild and clean odor to hair without a heavy perfume scent.

I highly recommend this to anyone if you can get your hands on it for that extra love and care for your hair. As with most salon branded products this does have a price tag to match so when I can find it on sale you bet I stock up!