Monday, July 14, 2014

On The Shelf


Seaweed Night Cream

Purchase Price $20 (1oz)

Retailer (Nordstrom, Ulta)

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Product Review:

When I think of seaweed two thoughts cross my mind. First, my six year old self off the coast of Carmel getting entangled in what I thought was an octopus, and next, high end spas where women set down their Louis Vuitton and Hermes bags to be wrapped in this underwater delight. I’ve finally found the perfect seaweed product that will make you skin feel like a million bucks without the price tag.

But first a crash course in why seaweed is so highly sought after in the skincare/beauty world. It contains a list of vitamins including folic acid, niacin, and is also rich in antioxidants. Seaweed has the ability to repair, moisturize, and boost the blood flow all while preventing more damage to your skin. This is why so many people around the world also eat seaweed as it is part of their cultural diets perhaps unbeknownst to them its health aiding properties.

Housed in a simple white plastic jar this subtle mint green concoction is not offensive to the nose as it is not exactly pleasing in my opinion either. This product is one of those, “it smells like a skincare product” odors meaning it may have a more mature scent but don’t worry after application it is odorless. The cream itself is not greasy or oily in any way and instantly made my skin feel so much softer to the touch. Overnight as it worked its magic I woke up to soft supple radiant skin fully feeling moisturized and ready for the morning sun. This is one of those magic in a jar potions that anyone with sensitive skin or concerns of moisture loss would highly benefit from. Being thirty this products has definitely not only saved me time but also money as I don’t feel the need to worry so much if I skip on my morning facial moisturizer. Of course those who are more mature or younger could always appreciate this too as skincare is important for your entire life.

Mario Badescu has made a regular appearance on my shelf due to their high quality products, simple packaging, and also the need not to advertise all over the place with celebrities endorsing them. This company has had a reputation built on word of mouth and simply making GREAT products they stand behind. This is why all their products will eventually find their way on my shelf!