Monday, September 8, 2014

On The Shelf

Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu Complete 14pc Brush Set
W/Rollup Pouch
Purchase Price $110
Retailer IMATS NYC 2014
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Product Review:

First off, the quality of a brush means EVERYTHING to me! When potentially purchasing a brush/set I look past just the item itself and try to envision how it will help me obtain a desired, if not many, looks. Some basic question I pose are: Will this brush/set wear out fast? What materials go into making this product? Does the price seem fair, and if so are there comparable products at a different price? Of course this should be done when purchasing most things but when it comes to brushes most of us forget they are not as disposable or replaceable as they are treated.

Next, I have found this set to be pretty. The attractiveness does not necessarily reflect quality. This set inspires me to always try to add some color or a pop to my look. “Made with all sustainable bamboo handles & all vegan soft synthetic bristles, this is our way of preserving our environment while still keeping you beautiful.” This was taken directly from the Bdellium website as these brushes are a great and cost effective way of staying “Green” even in pink!

Lastly, after using and washing these brushes numerous times shedding has been very minimal. The shape and texture of the bristles has not changed at all. The handles have not cracked or shown any excessive wear plus there has been no separation of the ferrule from the handle. The added rollup pouch houses all of these tools neatly with some room to spare. As I could go on and on about the individual brushes contained in this set, and their uses, I may have to save that for another post demonstrating looks you can achieve with them. I will continue to purchase this brand as my makeup needs grow.