Monday, September 29, 2014

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Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Purchase Price $22.00 (received a free deluxe sample)

Retailer Multiple

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Product Review:

#BiggerBadderBlacker lashes are the definitive words that explain this mascara. I received a FREE deluxe sample as a part of a Twitter promotion sponsored by Urban Decay before the mascara was even available for purchase. As I did not receive written permission to post a review before it went on sale to the public I forwent posting my opinions. Use the above hashtag and find great pics on IG, Twitter, and Facebook.

This has to be one of the smoothest mascara formulas I have ever used. Each lash felt and looked evenly coated from root to tip. This is a true black color with no fading as it dried. As I applied it I could tell it didn’t need a second coat. No irritation, smudging, or fading after a solid eight hours of wear. Now the only issue I had was the typical for me. Leaving lines on my brow is somewhat of a norm do to the oils in my skin. This is definitely not a reflection of the quality of this mascara as it has happened even with other high end waterproof mascaras. The only brand to date that this does not happen with is The Balm.

Since this is Urban Decay and creates such a great result I feel like it is totally worth the price.