Monday, September 15, 2014

On The Shelf


Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl

Purchase Price $30 + tax

Retailer Local Sephora

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Product Review:

This golden pink pearl luminizer will surely brighten up, those too soon to be coming, dreary winter days. When your skin is in need of a little extra luster and moisture Girl Meets Pearl is the perfect solution. Containing beneficial fruit, nut, and seed extracts and oils it will greatly aid in keeping skin supple and healthy looking. Anyone with oily skin be mindful of application of this product since it does contain oils.

The color is truly gorgeous and will provide that subtle pop when applied to the brow and or cheek bones. Having a twist knob makes dispensing and product control a breeze. Since this is a liquid based product it does not mix well with powder.  So make sure to apply your powder after this liquid has set. I have used this product in two ways each with very different finished looks. As mentioned before as a highlighter it gives a nice finish when applied with fingers or a Beauty Blender. The second application method was a full face dewy glow by mixing it with a liquid foundation. I received a lot of positive feedback and questions about this look.

Having a steep price of $30, even for a Benefit product, needs to be a justified purchase in my opinion. Since I do like this as its intended purpose, a “highlighter”, it is hard to say I would not repurchase it. The only way I can see that happening is if they offered it as an individual travel size (it is available in the You Go Gals! kit) and even then the price would have to be just right for the size.