Monday, January 19, 2015

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Overview: Healthy Sexy Hair – Soy Tri Wheat leave in conditioner

Purchase Price $17.95 + shipping

Retailer Ulta Online

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Product Review:

“New Year, New You” might even include a “new do”. This mini-review might give your locks that extra love they need to maintain those freshly cut ends.

Sexy Hair products are everywhere, from my shelf to sponsoring the NYX Face Awards. I became a fan from their Big Sexy Hair line of sprays, all thanks to IPSY and their Glam bags for the introduction. Knowing that Sexy had a “healthy” line I found it time to venture that direction, and it has not been a disappointing trip yet.

First, I noticed the sweet invigorating scent of this light weight spray that did not dry onto my hair leaving a crunchy stale texture. Next, regardless of when I use this product either on dry or damp hair it gives great results similar to Redken’s Split End Treatment. My hair soaks it up and it even helps to detangle and tame simple frizz. Last, but not least, are the ingredients that are packed into this bottle; soy, Pro-vitamin B5, wheat protein, cocoa extract and more that all aid in conditioning, strengthening, locking in moisture, and giving your hair that healthy shine.

Having a price tag near $20 might seem a bit much but, for such a well branded company and the size/volume of this product this is on par with salon comparable leave-in conditioners ounce to dollar. Plus there are $5 bottles that you can try before committing to a larger purchase. Also, with a variety of retailers between coupons and promotional deals the cost drops even lower!