Friday, January 23, 2015

FYI : Brand updates, Launches, and Events….
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A Revolution is starting….

Selda of Nur Makeup Artistry, aka nurmakeup on social media, has taken her passion for beauty to another level. Being a certified makeup artist who continues her education with classes has decided to share her knowledge with the rest of us. Having great success with many clients and a growing social media following, specifically IG, she knew many could benefit from viewing her artistry. Selda has since made the leap into the role of educator by holding her own classes. These classes will primarily focus on beauty makeup but with a flair for fashion, which goes hand in hand with makeup. So look forward to seeing how fashion is incorporated in her classes along with other aspects of the health and beauty industry.

You might be wondering “What’s the cost?” And, “What makes her classes any different from other MUA’s/company’s events?”

This is where the REVOLUTION happens: You decide the cost. YES, YOU!
This humble woman is asking each student to bring a sealed envelope to class enclosed with the amount that he or she can afford. Honestly, I’ve NEVER heard of such a generous offer. I’ve seen many famous social media artists and brands offer classes that range from $400 - $600. Frankly, that cost is out of any average makeup enthusiast’s budget. Selda, having felt the pinch of personal finances on choosing to continue makeup education, set out to create a new standard not to deter anyone from learning. The generosity doesn’t stop there. If you are fortunate enough to register for a spot in one of her classes she asks for one additional item. An item that can be donated to either the homeless or children’s hospital.

This inspiring “pay it forward” of makeup education and charity is simply refreshing! I hope others who are in a position to create change follow in Selda’s footsteps to truly broaden minds. Follow Nur Makeup Artistry @ for her blog or nurmakeup and nmarevolution on  InstaGram.