Monday, February 2, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

Purchase Price $6.95

Retailer Lush – In store only (Local Mall)

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Product Review:

If you’re an infrequent mall goer or a “mall-rat” chances are you’ve walked past LUSH Handmade Cosmetics. This secret hole in the wall might not have caught your eye but once inside it’s a feast for the senses. Having an array of “Bath Bombs”, hair & body items, natural cosmetics, and face masks there are certainly choices for the fussiest person to be had. Many of the products are natural and vegan but all are cruelty free.

I have longed to try one of their fresh face masks, only available in-store, and now I have. Catastrophe Cosmetic should be called No-more Blues! Being a fan of blueberries for their high vitamin properties and antioxidants this just seemed like a no-brainer. The blend of rose absolute, chamomile oil, calamine and of course blueberries make this a treat for those with sensitive skin. Deep cleaning yet soothing redness and irritation will leave skin feeling soft to the touch. I have noticed healing blemishes that have reduced in inflammation and pigmentation by adding this face mask, weekly, to my nightly cleansing routine. For me this product has been non-irritating to both my skin and around my eyes but more importantly has no offensive medicinal smell at all. If anything there is a slight floral aroma with a hint of the other blended ingredients giving Catastrophe a calming feel.
This product is easy to spread onto dry skin, however, by my third usage a couple drops of water on my fingertips helped application go a lot smoother. You’ll notice blueberry skins in the mix and the blue tint will have you looking like a Smurf for the recommended 10 minutes but don’t fret about staining as I have had no stains appear on my skin. Rinse off with warm water, but before that you’ll notice it starting to flake off and get a little dusty so don’t wear your favorite black tee. With a short shelf life of 2-3 weeks you may be wondering, “Will I use it all before it expires?” Chances are you won’t as I have gotten 4-5 uses out of it before its expiration date. The final mask was on its expiration date and there was no foul odor or mold, remember no preservatives in this product as it is Vegan.

The only downside, if the can be considered one, is the need to refrigerate it. Some may hate beauty products that need refrigeration since they can easily be forgotten like leftover Chinese takeout.

This cool blue magic mask feels very calming and almost euphoric when applied. The price is great for the volume of FRESH HANDMADE product you do receive. Plus they have a trade in container program like other retailers which adds to the awesome “go-green” mentality by recycling. This is a definite rebuy and will have a place on my shelf (in the fridge ;)!