Monday, February 23, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: NYX Butter Lip balm (marshmallow)

Purchase Price $4 + tax

Retailer Ulta

Product Review:

Always having affordable prices it’s never hard to grab NYX products even on impulse. Your average lip balm can range in price from $3 - $4 depending on brand. NYX has eight colors to choose from with delicious sweet treat names like Brownie, Pana Cotta, and Parfait that may make your mouth water just from their smell. Each one is scented and also housed in a typical lip balm type tube which is very accurately color matched to the balm held inside. The colors range from neutrals to red with nice pinks in-between.

Marshmallow is a yummy scented beige tone balm that is creamy like butter, as the name implies, that glides onto lips. The creamy consistency is definitely from the main ingredients of shea butter and beeswax. The color left me wanting something more, as my lips were left muddy looking instead of having a uniform color. I feel if this had been a lipstick it would have worked better for me. Perhaps I should have went with one of their pinker shades. In any case make sure your lips are properly exfoliated as application of any tint will accentuate the dryness exposing lines and cracks.

Over all I am a little disappointed. I did not see vast improvements in moisture or protection, however, I did not really purchase this for those reasons. Since I am not a fan of tinted lip balms I figured trying it out would not hurt. Having mixed feeling I am willing to try another shade, like I said before maybe in something more pink. NYX’s Butter Lip balm has left me on the fence about being on my shelf.