Monday, March 2, 2015

On The Shelf

Overview: 1995 Lipstick and Buttercup Lipstick

Purchase Price $19 ea + tax and S/H

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Product Review:

1995 is a signature lipstick in the Gerard Cosmetics lineup thanks to Jaclyn Hill. If you’re a makeup junkie you most likely follow social media outlets and have seen Gerard Cosmetics on a face here and there, especially lips. Their lipsticks caught my eye for many reasons but first and foremost are the colors. 1995 is a creamy matte neutral tone with a hint of brown “inspired” by the 90s grunge runways and teenage angst. This color is perfect for any throwback look or use for modern twist. I have had no issues with this lipstick staining or drying out my lips. The color last almost all day but touchups are easy as the color glides on with the lightest touch. I have found 1995 to pair great with MAC’s Soar lip liner.

Buttercup is another Jaclyn Hill Collection color offered by Gerard Cosmetics. Having a creamcicle scent adds to this wonderful nude pink color. Unfortunately this color was a spot on match to my natural lip color, so applying it made no difference. However, my friend who is more medium skin toned with more rose colored lips tried it on and it gave her that instant POP she was looking for.

Sure wish Gerard would expand enough to partner with a retailer where I could test colors before buying, just so there are no repeats of my Buttercup experience. But it looks like 1995 will be on my shelf for as long as I can get it.