Saturday, June 1, 2013

Breakthrough Brands

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

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I first heard of OCC three years ago at the first NYC IMATS (International Make-Up Artists Trade Show) 2011. Their print ads in Make-up Artist Magazine always made me wish I had stopped and took the time to really go over to their booth. The following year I checked out a few of their amazing products, but sadly all of my money had been spent. Then and there I realized this company would be hitting mainstream soon and made it a priority to visit them at the following IMATS. At the NYC IMATS 2013 their booth had more than fifteen minute line waits and as a featured guest the YouTube sensation “Queen of Blending” who has a unique makeup approach that inspires the inner artist of us all.

September 2012 OCC launched their staple one-of-a-kind Lip Tars in Sephora stores. This year with their recent release of Lip Tar Stained Gloss they’re surely to be on everyone’s lips in more ways than one. And why wouldn’t anyone not be talking about these great, 100% vegan, cruelty free products?

Company founder, David Klasfeld, honestly crafted a line that all make-up artists can appreciate and covet. They pledge to never use animal derived ingredients including; lanolin, beeswax, carmine, etc., in their products and accessories. Animal ingredients can be amongst the most allergenic, skin reactive, and shunned for religious purposes preventing makeup from being considered Kosher or Halal. This sensitive skin gal appreciates all of this in their many cosmetics.

Go to the official OCC website ( to reap the many beauty benefits including a line of Loose Color Concentrates (eye shadow with a snazzy name) available in thirty-six, YES THIRTY-SIX, long wearing shades. For the rest of the face they offer the following products; concealer, primer, and a tinted moisturizer which itself is great for everyday use since it has coconut and acai extract as main ingredients that help hydrate the skin throughout the day. There is an array of Nail Lacquer with three textures and two different finishes at a competitive price point you should consider.   For you the machine lovers don’t fret they offer HD Airbrush Foundation that you should try. This product is so versatile that it can be used with their #002 Foundation Brush even if you don’t have an airbrush you should definitely try this one. And of course they are a full cosmetic company with a line of 100% vegan brushes as well.

It’s easy to tell this company and brand has even more to offer. In due time the Beauty Mavens will all have a little bit of OCC.