Monday, June 10, 2013

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NYX Wonder Pencil

Purchase Price $4.49 + tax

Retailer Ulta

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Product Review:

As the name states WONDER PENCIL is a concealer, eye brightener, and a “reverse lip liner”. This pencil comes in light, medium, and dark for a variety of skin tones.

This is one of those products that a little goes a long way. As an eye brightener it truly is amazing.  Just by lining the inner rim of my eyes it gave me a well rested and fresh look. It glided on smoothly and lasted at least four hours before showing any signs of fading. This pencil is far from a crumbly chalk stick and more like a Kajal consistency. I had no irritation issues after applying this to my waterline as I have experienced with other eyeliners.  As a concealer it blended and covered small blemishes very well. I have not yet tried it as a “reverse lip liner” but may try it with an orange colored lipstick in the future.

Simply put…ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PENCIL! Fantastic product at a fantastic price. Will rebuy a couple as to not cross contaminate using on eyes, then face, then lips. Definitely “wonder” how I got along without this pencil in my closet.