Monday, June 3, 2013

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Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

Purchase Price $13.99 + tax

Retailer Ulta

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Picture By Susie Cootie
Product Review:

By far the best matching color foundation I have tried. Since I am so fair toned it blended perfectly into my neck and jaw line without giving me a “masked” appearance. The texture was inviting, like a creamy mousse, not bad for applying with fingers. I agree with many other reviews, I’ve read online, about not applying this with a brush or sponge. It just isn’t feasible. It doesn’t dry so fast you feel the need to rush the application and sets like a liquid foundation. It doesn’t feel sticky, tacky, heavy, or oily after wearing for a couple of hours. Almost felt as though I didn’t have any foundation on. There is no distinct smell as can be the problems with other foundations.

Issues I had with this product included smearing around my nostrils and the bridge of my nose. It slightly oxidized by the touch. I noticed it had settled into the larger pores on my cheeks. After only one day of use I had a small break out on my forehead. I did however continue to use this product for three days. I had further small break outs on various areas of my face.

I tried wearing this product with and without a primer to give it an unbiased review. I did the same with and without a setting powder as well. The final results were exactly the same. If you have oily skin you may have better luck with this product. If you have larger pores you may want to steer clear.

Sad to say I will be returning this product so I’m glad I kept my receipt.