Monday, June 17, 2013

On The Shelf



Philosophy Clear Days Ahead

Purchase Price $20.00 + tax

Retailer Sephora


Product Review:
First, I love how this company always has such inspirational and cute quotes printed on their products. Next, I LOVE the packaging, it’s bright, fresh, and clean. And if it may be just a manufacturing detail, or not, the little air bubbles in the bottle make me want to pump the bottle that much more. This is a liquid lather product and not a foam from liquid, making it perfect for me since I use a Clarasonic Mia. I have used it by pumping into my hands and lathering it up and it works just as well. Clear Days Ahead has a wonderful citrus smell that is refreshing and eye opening, without that overbearing fake odor that some facial cleansers have when adding orange and or lemon scents. This is not an exfoliator or skin polisher so there are no micro scrubbers or crushed shells. Just a simple “clear” skin cleaner.  For me this is a perfect daily use cleanser that I enjoy especially on those hot and humid days when you can’t wait to take the makeup off and splash some cool water on your face. I also noticed this product has never left any makeup residue on my face where as other face washes less expensive and more expensive have.

Who may like to try this product? I’d say a wide range from mid teen to mid thirty. If anyone has both acne with sensitive skin that is always an issue many face washes try to address and I feel as though Philosophy has in this bottle.

My experience so far has been that this does not leave my face feeling as though I just used an acne clearing face wash. There has been no tightness or irritation, it does just an amazing job of cleaning and leaving the skin smooth and soft. I’ve used this nightly for over a month now and it is definitely staying in my closet.