Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breakthrough Brands

Breakthrough Brands

melt Cosmetics

On May 17, 2013 Melt Cosmetics launched their line. Who are the mavens of these sultry and bold new lipsticks? Lora Arellano, aka Loreleicakes, from Los Angeles and Dana Bomar, a model and makeup artist from Las Vegas, came together proving opposites attract sharing the same vision of what a perfect lipstick should be. Having this dream and with years of makeup and entertainment experience they knew where each other’s strengths laid. With hard work these two ladies made a sweet dream a lucid one we can all share.

They have been, “brewing, planning, and perfecting the formulas and colors for a long time”, so consumers like you and me don’t have those makeup “what ifs”. If combining the most ultra-matte texture with vibrant colors wasn’t enough melt added a mouthwatering vanilla cake scent to boot! Regardless of your skin tone light to dark, with five shades there is surely a color for everyone to rock in their own way. With Belladonna, a seductive red, or Starlight, an unforgettable violet that will make those daring enough shine, you will recognize the instant you see them why they are properly named. A shade of hot pink labeled Stupid Love is extremely far from stupid. Darling, is my personal favorite being a dreamy pastel pink. And of course who could forget, Summer, a gorgeous orange sherbet (or to everyone else sherbert) that looks like it can melt the hot summer woes away.

Totally love this and you see it’s already on my shelf!

This is a brand to keep an eye on so go check them out at

Buy and try so you’re ahead of the trend cause surely by the end of the summer everyone’s lips will be melting!