Monday, July 22, 2013

On The Shelf


Eye Kandy Glitter Sprinkles
Purchase Price $7.50 Each (I purchased at the IMATS 2011-2013 for bulk pricing)

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Product Review:

The first time I applied glitter to my face was back in 2000 and it was an inexpensive body glitter mixed in a gel that didn’t work that well when used around the eyes. Simple reason for this, it was body glitter. In 2003 I found a great product that was only available in a limited color range that worked perfectly for use on the face, more specifically around the eyes by Jerome Russell and sold under the name of Faery Glitz. Sadly it was not carried very long at Hot Topic after finding it. Fast forward seven years and I ended up finding the Eye Kandy booth at the 2011 NYC IMATS. The color selection and packaging made you stop and stare almost as if at the counter of candy shop waiting for the attendant to ask what you wanted. Having always LOVED anything shiny and glittery made this a natural purchase for me.   

The sprinkles come in a plethora of colors and three textures, they even have a mineral line. Having over ten colors myself, some of my favorites are; toffee, licorice, pixie stick, sour grape, and bubble gum. The superfine texture is the smallest in grain size and is very easy to apply. It is great to use as an eye shadow or lower eye liner. I find the fine texture glitter picks up the most light and adds a lot of sparkle. These products can be applied with the tips of your fingers or with a flat brush. Eye Kandy has an applicator brush to use with their Liquid Sugar adhesive which can be bought as a bundle, with a couple of the sprinkle glitters known as their Kandy Bag.

After using these sprinkle glitters for many years I have found that you do need to use a warm blow dryer to achieve the best adhesion when using their Liquid Sugar product after applying the glitter or glitters on top of it. Like seen on one of their T-shirts, “When in doubt add glitter”!