Monday, July 15, 2013

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Melt Cosmetics Summer

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Product Review:
When I heard about this company, the end of May this year, I knew I had to try them and on June 6th placed my order. Of course the reason is obvious why….THAT COLOR! Mind you I am a pin up red or a pink kind of gal but Summer just screamed “TRY ME!” This color made me want to step out of my comfort zone and I am glad I did. The delicious vibrant orange color hit me with a nostalgic dose of past summers, sitting in the sun enjoying a Flintstones push-up pop that was a creamy orange sherbet. Having a velvety texture, super matte finish, and spot on real vanilla scent made it “cootie-tastisc”! Picking a hot humid day in June I wore this walking the boardwalk and it lasted all day with minimal fading, mostly due to rub off from a glass or straw.
Having so many pluses about this lipstick, like being cruelty free and having a list of their ingredients available, what else do you want? Oh wait, they are vegan too. One and only downside I found was the weight on my lips and this was probably due to application to achieve the orange color on my lips.

Twisting a fresh tube of lipstick especially in a new shade is always fun for everyone regardless of age. And this company is making lipstick fun and exciting by having a different shade for anyone to try and melt over.