Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FYI: Brand Updates, Product Launches, Events..

The following is a new Q&A session I was able to have with the wonderful ladies over at Melt Cosmetics via email. With busy schedules in their personal and professional lives Lora and Dana found time to get back to me. Clearly these two know how important it is to keep in touch with their “lil aliens”. Thank you so much again ladies!

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HI Susie!!!!

Sorry it has taken us a little while to get back to you! We wanted to work on your questions together!

1. What's your favorite thing about your line? We love the extremely bold pigment paired with an ultra-matte texture! It’s our favorite combination because errbody needs a little funk in their lives!

2. What are you the most proud of from this whole process? Creating a brand that everyone seems to love!! We love seeing our cute lil aliens wearing their lipsticks on their IG tags! We feel like proud mamas when we see someone choose Melt to wear to a special event. When they needed the perfect red for the 4 th of July and they chose Belladonna over all the other reds they had! <3

3.What lines of lipstick did you wear before you and Lora created your own? Our top 3 are: Mac, Nars, and Limecrime

4. Personal fav melt at the moment? Lora’s fav: By Starlight. Purple has been my favorite color my whole life. We take pride in this color because everyone is lovin it as much as we do! Dana’s fav: It’s hard to pick just one! ;) Orange is my favorite color so I have to go with Summer! We love how unique it looks on everyone.

5. You ladies dreamed about the perfect lipsticks ,any future dreams for other products in your line? OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!! But you will have to wait to find out! Our lips are sealed! ;) ;) ;)