Monday, March 31, 2014

On The Shelf


Bdellium tools Smoky Eyes 5 pc Brush Set

Purchase Price $27 + S/H (purchased at IMATS NYC 2013)


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Product Review:

What good is having flawless skin and quality makeup if your tools aren’t on the same level? And the answer may just surprise you. Welcome Bdellium tools! And it is pronounced del-ee-uhm, and the “B is silent” as stated by the company FAQs.

At first glance these brushes may just look like another pretty alternative colored set, but after learning more about the company and then the brushes made the purchase worth that much more. Running across the Bdellium booth at the 2012 NYC IMATS was both good and bad. The good, I found some great alternatives and new tools to add to my closet. The bad, I was out of money and had already made my brush purchases for that year. Fast forward to the 2013 NYC IMATS and I eagerly made my way to their booth and was met by a very spirited young woman who actually inspired me to start this blog.

Bdellium offers the standard array of professional quality brushes with real animal hair but this specific line of brushes dubbed “Green Bambu” are 100% vegan and cruelty free. If color is your thing they offer the same brushes in yellow and pink. I love the eco-friendly vibe this line offers first by being made of one of the most sustainable natural resources in the world bamboo, and next is the use of a synthetic vegan bristles that are unbelievably soft. After using this brush kit for nearly a year it has not started to shed or break down from use or cleanings.

#781 was created for blending into the eye crease especially when using contrasting colors. From its perfect shape and ability to grab product and apply makes it one my favorite brushes to use.

#777 I have done it all from general lid application to  shading towards the crease, and even gently highlighting the brow bone with this easy to use multipurpose shadow brush.

#769 the angled contour brush has the perfect amount of firmness. Unlike other angled contour brushes I have used this one has yet to let me down by losing its shape. Works well for the initial application of shadows on the outer V.

#760 has become my Holy Grail line/brow brush since I have owned many in various brands at various prices and Bdellium has gotten this one down to a science. I always use this one for the lower lid blending along the eyelash line. Its fine tip and extra small head makes it perfect for a sure close application and thin lines. Fall out is non-existent and captures enough eye shadow product to get the job done.  And of course using this to create blurred lines for shaping your eyebrows is a must. Honestly you can never have enough of these in your kit.

#716 which is an eyeliner brush that has a tapered tip for setting the framework for the perfect smoky eye.

Bdellium will be at the 2014 NYC IMATS and I can’t wait to add more brushes to my shelf!